10 Cameras for Every Kind of YouTuber

Getting a camera for your YouTube channel is an important purchase that will impact your creative life for years. Sure, when your starting, you can get by with just a standard cell phone camera, however as you grow, you will want to upgrade your camera to something more suited to your creative passions.

You really have to do your research on these cameras thoroughly too, othewise you could be stuck with an underperforming camera and several hundreds of dollars of regret. Because of this, I have made a list of some of the most praised cameras available today, perfect for YouTubers of all kinds. Several different types of cameras are also considered to better suit varrying budgets and needs.

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1. Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920Check-Price-ButtonYouTubers might as well just call this camera Old Faithful, because its by far the most widely praised webcam out there. Every YouTube review I’ve ever seen has nothing but praise for it. Even with the newer Logitech C930e currently available, people still flock to the C920 for its high quality and consistent performance. Budget-wise, this is the best option that your going to find for your money. Quite simply, this is a perfect starting point for vlogging and when mobility isnt a huge factor.

2. DJI Osmo PocketCheck-Price-ButtonThis is the most modern 3-axis, gimbal stabilized camera available today. It’s also packed to the gills with features, like programable widescreen motionlapses, buttery smooth stabilization and face tracking. Best of all though, its tiny. It can fit right in the palm of your hand with only the gyroscopic head visible at the top. The only noteable downside here is the only average audio quality. Still, this is one feature rich camera, perfect for the budding YouTuber, at a stunningly affordable price. Check out this video from Casey Neistat comparing the Osmo Pocket to the GoPro Hero 7 for a first hand look.

3. Canon Powershot G7X Mark IICheck-Price-ButtonThis might look like a run-of-the-mill, standard handheld camera, but I assure you its anything but. This is a favorite of many a YouTubers and for good reason. The footage is some of the most crisp and clear you will find today in a 1080p camera. You would be hard pressed to find any negative reviews for this camera either. There’s also the fact that people who own this camera can’t help but gush about its performance too. Most say the G7X is their go-to-camera for every scenerio, from vlogging to action. Its a little pricy, but if your looking for something that’s widely praised, this is what your looking for.

4. GoPro Hero 5Check-Price-ButtonThis isnt the most modern GoPro, however this one has most of the features of the Hero 7, at just a fraction of the cost. It’s also super easy to use and made for the action oriented videographer. It boasts 4k video, an intuative video touch screen, voice controls and a waterproof design up to 33 feet. It even has a time lapse feature with several different speed intervals. If your looking for a ruggedized camera that is litterally designed for you to take anywhere, this is most definitely is what your looking for.

5. Sony Handycam HDR-CX405Check-Price-ButtonFor those of you looking for something a bit more traditional, (in terms of a camcorder design at least) this is most likely what your looking for. Youtubers of all kinds rank it amongst their favorites. It’s very lightweight and has super simple controls, perfect for picking up and shooting without a lot of fuss. Audio quality with the CX405 is not the best, however it still seems like a good all around cam for those on the go types that need a straight-forward and simple camera design.

6. Contour ROAM3Check-Price-ButtonThis has to be the easiest to use action camera out there. Just slide the top switch into the recording postion and presto! Its recording. This kind of simplicity doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on quality either. You get full 1080p with this camera. It’s also one tough cookie, built to be an action camera. It most definitely feels like it too, with a ruggedized and thick metal outter shell. To top it off, you also get an internal lazer leveler and the ability to rotate the camera within the body for better angles. Did I also mention that its waterproof at up to 30 feet? This is just about the most simple camera your going to find out there. Perfect for any outdoor sports enthusiest.

7. Google Pixel 3Check-Price-ButtonSince most phones already have a camera in them, why not just get the smartphone with the very best camera? Well, the Google Pixel 3 is widely regarded as having the best camera to date in a smartphone. This makes the pixel 3 the very best sollution for YouTuber/smartphone enthusiasts. The Pixel 3 is also just awesome by itself as a smartphone. It is a little expensive, but you will be recording in glorious 4K, so if a top of the line device is what your after, than this is most likely the best option available to you at the moment.

8. Galaxy Note 9Check-Price-ButtonAgain, here we have an excellent phone with an equally excellent camera. This particular device also has Samsungs new S-Pen, that provides amazing touch sensitivity and accuracy for all of you artistic types. Basically if need to make YouTube videos with your phone, but your also super into art, this could be a good option for you.

9. iPhone XS MaxCheck-Price-ButtonWhere would a list of top of the line Camera / Smartphones be without the latest Iphone!? No joke, the newest edition of the iPhone, the XS Max packs quite a punch in terms of its camera. Here you can shoot in 4K at 60fps. It has active HDR technology, which is just a fancy way of saying that it’s constantly correcting your videos for the best possible results. You can apply photo effects live. It has stereo sound recording and much more. For you folks on the apple side of things, this seems like your best 4K video recording option.

10. Nikon D3500 DSLRCheck-Price-ButtonThis may be a bit of a personal pick, however I absolutely love the crystal clear videos that this camera produces. Sure, its a little dated, but it’s still an amazing DLSR camera that shoots 1080p video. I’ve been drooling in ravid anticipation for some time over this camera and thought it would be an excellent way to end the list here! Check it out, you just might just fall in love with it too.

Thanks for reading everyone! I wish you luck in your future camera purchase. In any event, do your research. Never impulse buy a camera. Make sure its absolutely perfect for you, so it will last for years. Good luck and happy hunting!

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