12 Referral Programs With Lifetime Rewards

If your looking for a genuine means of income via affiliate referrals, lifetime referral rewards might be a good option for you. Its a means of income that can be very hands off, meaning its not as imedietly satisfying, but it will generate a steady stream of income over the lifetime of your referrals participation in their programs.

Below you will find a video listing 12 of these very programs. Check them out and find one or two that suit you best!

As stated in the video, I do participate in the Inbox Dollars program and I absolutely love it. Every day I get rewards from blogs I have written years ago! No lie. I would reccomend that program very highly! MyPoints is another very good program that I also participate in.

If you do end up utilizing these programs, I would reccoment you find the few that work best for you and focus on them the most. That way you have a focused, central point that most of your referrals will contribute towards. That means faster paychecks and don’t we all love those!

Here is a list of the sites contained in that video for your convenience:

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