Beat the Cold! – 10 Winter Apparel Essentials

Winter sucks! Lets face it, if your gonna be cold you gotta be prepared. Don’t let the icy hand of Jack Frost touch you this year without having the right gear to keep you cozy warm.

Below is a list of my ten favorite winter-time standbys and accessories. Every year, without fail, they get me through those long, bitter months. Because of these items winter-time not only becomes tollerable, but also at times pleasurable. Check them out yourself and stay warm!

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Condor Men’s Alpha Tactical Fleece JacketCheck-Price-ButtonThere is one essential item for me every winter and that’s my tactical polar fleece. They warm your core so well that your extremities don’t need as much attention, which is nice. Its a one item solution to solve any kind of chill you might be fighting. I am a veteran and I know from experience. Out of everything that I kept from the Army, this is my absolute favorite item, hands down.

Tactical Fleece Watch CapCheck-Price-ButtonSpeaking of tactical fleece, these fleece caps from Condor are an absolute lifesaver. Even if there’s just a slight chill, these bad-boys will solve that problem quickly. Plus, they’re fleece, which means they’re incredibly soft. I’m wearing one right now! They’re a cornerstone to any fall or winter wardrobe. Ask any military man or woman. I would reccomend you get a couple, because they’re super cheep and you’ll always have a fresh one!  You can thank me later!

Thermal Fleece Long-John UnderwearCheck-Price-ButtonA nice couple of sets of long-underwear is an absolute must for deep winter. Having nice thermal underwear base layers also makes it so you don’t need a lot of top layers. This is good because too many layers can often times feel very bulky. These are  an essential part of anyones winter time apparel.  Ask anyone who’s got a pair. They’re simply the best way to keep warm during those deep freezes.

SoftHeat by Perfect Fit – Fleece Electric BlanketCheck-Price-ButtonThere’s no better way to save money than to wrap yourself like a burrito in a quality electric blanket. This particular blanket has hundreds of positive reviews and is currently the top selling electric blanket on Amazon. These things are perfect for the homebodies out there, like myself. You can run them all day long and never have to worry. Just beware, any kitties you have will most definitely want to be cuddling with you because they are nice and toasty.

Turtle Fur, Fleece Neck Warmer (Neck Gator)Check-Price-ButtonThese things are the best. Once you use one, you’ll never not want to be without it. It just makes your neck so warm. Its also fleece, so its the most comfortable thing ever. You can also pull it over your face if its super cold out. I like these much better than ski masks, since you can just pull it down and have your whole face exposed. Best when paired with the fleece watch cap mentioned earlier.

Hothands Long Lasting Instant Hand WarmersCheck-Price-ButtonSometimes what you need is some instant heat to warm you up during those deep winter freezes. You know those days. Your hands are so cold you cant even move them. Your so cold you might have a panic attack. Just crack open of of these bad babies and let your worries melt away. Frostbite be damned! Hand warmers to the rescue!

Mechanix Tactical GlovesCheck-Price-ButtonGloves at wintertime are a must, however if your like me, you like to keep most of your finger dexterity. Because of this, I prefer a less plush glove. These gloves from Mechanix allow for all sorts of mobility. I’ve used these while stationed in northern New York and they worked wonderfully while shoveling snow and in the field. They are also very durable and will last for many years.

Wigwam “40 Below” Wool Blend Boot SocksCheck-Price-ButtonWool boot socks are the absolute best. I use them as house slippers when its cold, as well as with my winter boots. Cold feet are my biggest problem during winter and these things solve that problem perfectly. No more problems at night with my feel slipping out from under the covers and getting cold! With these slippers, problem solved! Its all really simple. If you want your feet to be warm without question, these are what your looking for.

Colombie Men’s Bugaboot, Cold Weather BootCheck-Price-ButtonThese are some of the best selling boots on Amazon. They also have the high reviews to justify it. They’re tough, long lasting and most importantly, made for cold-weather. These are sure to let you brave the cold tundra’s without so much of a lick of frostbite. Just remember to wear some nice wool socks!

Lasko Adjustable Thermostat HeaterCheck-Price-ButtonI personally use a small heater just like this. Its strategically positioned under my desk. Since my desk is where I spend the bulk of my time, it keeps me nice and warm throughout the day.  It also saves me a ton of money, since there is no need for a huge space heater. This specific heater is one of the top selling heaters on Amazon too. It also has amazing ratings. This most definitely is the perfect spot heater for anyone in the same situation.

Alright everyone! I hope I keep you super snug this season. Everything here has certainly served me well. I’m sure they will do the same for you!

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