eREIT Investment Basics

If you looking for some investment alternatives to your more basic stocks, bonds and CD’s, then real estate investment trusts might be a good option for you. You make solid, consitent gains and they’re not directly influenced by the stock market.

Three companies in particular let average (non-accredited) investors participate in this kind of thing. (RealtyMogul, Fundrise & Rich Uncles) They basically fund real estate loans and new building projects via crowd-funding. Think of them as real estate based mutual funds. The companies handle everything. Its totally hands off and you can make upwards of 10% a year.

The video below details this subject in more detail. Its produced by GroovySauce’s sister YouTube channel Modern Survivalist. If your looking for a great long term investment, this would be a good place to start!

Here are the links and details (below) regarding the above content. Good luck to you in your investment endevours!



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