High Tech Gifts for your Modern Batman

Where does he get those wonderful toys? Amazon. Amazon is where he gets all those wonderful toys. While not available in Michael Keaton’s time, Amazon is today’s metaphorical and literal “toy-box” that even the Joker could appreciate. It’s filled with wonderful gadgets to get your inner Batman squealing like a little schoolgirl. That being said, it just makes a whole lot of sense to shop there for any “Real World Batman” fan.

Below you will find a list of 10 gadgets that are sure to please every tech-loving total badass. Each one is hand-picked to ensure every Catwoman is purring with envy, or at the very least a few Penguins will be squeaking with jealousy.

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Evolve Electric Skateboard
Check-Price-ButtonLet’s kick off this list with something that I have have been fiending over lately, and that’s an electric skateboard. They’re now far beyond toys and super, super fast. The gold standard as it would seem are from the likes of Boosted, although you also have some decent budget options from companies like Meepo, Ownboard & WowGo. There are also the super speedy options like the Raptor 2 from Enersion, but those are only for the total speed demons out there.

Auto-Follow Hovering Camera Drone
Check-Price-ButtonWho needs a paid camera person when you can just have this handy-dandy robot filming all your amazing exploits. I’m sure this would make for a fantastic tool when you’re in the great outdoors and want to film your no-doubt, super thrilling adventures. Just think about the footage you’ll get climbing mountains and cliffs. This seems like an absolute must-have for outdoor YouTube videographers.

Ivue Rincon POV Camera glasses
Check-Price-ButtonI personally own these glasses and I think they’re amazing. You can do full HD at 1080p 60fps or 720p 30fps. The battery life is a firm hour and a half and the sound is also great. The interface is easy to use and they are very inconspicuous. No one will suspect a thing unless they get super close and look for the camera (dead center between the eyes). Each pair ships with their own swapable yellow lenses, which are nice for when you’re in low light. I love these glasses and I would buy them again in a heartbeat. Amazing product.

Samsung GPS Watch
Check-Price-ButtonSure, you could just use your phone to track your location, but what about when your cruising around on your dope as hell electric skateboard. Something like this just saves you from fumbling around in your pockets and lets you track your location quickly. Its the perfect tool for when you want to do some urban backpacking or when your out doing a bar crawl. That and its just plain cool. It’s no doubt a modern Batman toy that any adventure seeker would love.

Ring Home Security Alarm System
Check-Price-ButtonWhat Bat-Cave would be complete without a state of the art alarm system. Ring provides cheap 24 hour home security supported by both an internet connection and a cellular backup for optimum security. They also offer the absolute lowest monthly fee for their monitoring services with no cancellation fees. (Just $10 at the time of this writing) Ring is also owned by Amazon, so they’re not going away any time soon. It’s simply the perfect stand-alone alarm solution and super cheap to boot.

Philips Norelco Bodygroom
Check-Price-ButtonBatman is a suave and clean-cut guy. He’s also a renowned bachelor. That being said, he most definitely trims below the bat-belt and around the “Batarang” region, if you know what I’m talking about. For that reason, The Philips Norelco Bodygroom most definitely will come in very handy. Its 100% waterproof, sensitive enough for trimming around the Bat-Groin and precise enough to trim the Bat Signal into your pubic hair. Trust me, I know. I own one. It’s truly an amazing device.

Vintage MotoBiker Leather Jacket
Check-Price-ButtonWhere would Batman be without that studly armor of his! You might not be able to afford a space-age piece of body-armor, but you can afford one of these super tough and stylish looking leather jackets. It’s got multiple pockets and most definitely exudes that signature Batman style. This most definitely is the type of thing to get those Harley Quinn girls clown-dancing all over you.

Master Detective Toolkit
Check-Price-ButtonNow if you’re going to be channeling the worlds greatest detective, you’re going to want a world-class detective kit. This one has very high reviews, its relatively cheap and will it most definitely have you ready for any investigation you might have in the future. A great start for any would-be caped crusader.

Stun Gun Knuckle Grips
Check-Price-ButtonNow we all know that Batman doesn’t use guns. Non-lethal means of subduing enemies is strictly the standard. What better way to do that than an electrified pair of glorified brass knuckles! Not only do these pack a punch (pun intended!), but they also are super intimidating. No doubt any badies you confront will be scared to death before the fisticuffs even begin.

Bates Waterproof Boot
Check-Price-ButtonWhats better for some serious ass-kickery than a pair of miliary grade combat boots? Nothing! Waterproof for when you’re sweating Mr. Freeze and as durable as Killer Croc’s leathery skin. These are also some of the best selling boots online, and for good reason. They are premium quality. Just what you need for when you laying boot to supervillain butt!

Thanks for reading everyone! I wish you well in your Bat-gift buying experience. Hopefully I’ve helped you out in this endeavour and provided you with some meaningful and heartfelt ideas!

Make sure to bookmark the page for more cool stuff like this! Again, thank you for reading and EXCELSIOR!

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