Top 10 Websites to Make Money Online

A lot of hard working and determined people are out there looking to make money online, myself included. Thankfully there are a large number of legit options for you to choose from, from evaluation jobs to paid survey sites. I personally have been working online exclusively for about five years and I simply know which earning platforms work and which ones don’t. This isn’t me boasting or trying to impress you. These resources just simply work. Check them all out and you’ll make some decent money too.

Below are my top 10 websites for making money online. Some are big money, for when you need that big paycheck and some are little money, for when you just need a few dollars with no strings. Try them all out. You will be glad that you did. They have certainly helped me out immensely.


Lionbrige Logo
1. Lionbridge
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First things first, lets get to the meat and potatoes of online earning. Lionbrige is perfect if your just really hungry for a paycheck and looking for honest and continual work. They have all sorts of remote worker, work at your own pace, task oriented jobs. Lionbridge is also a worldwide company, which is very nice for workers outside of the US. This is just about the most traditional job your going to find online. There is an entry test, however if you study, it should be a piece of cake. Check them out. You can’t go wrong.


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2. Appen
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With the recent takeover of Leapforce (A former online employer like Lionbridge) by Appen, Appen is now clearly your best alternative to Lionbridge in the realm of online, task oriented work. Work here is a lot like Lionbridge, in that its continual and task oriented. Since they are also one of the biggest players in online employment, it would be very wise for anyone to try their luck finding a job with Appen. They are the perfect cornerstone for any online earner!


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3. YouTube
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Now a lot of people will tell you that making any sort of money on YouTube is a near impossibility. They’ll tell you that the constant advertising fiascos make it an unstable environment in terms of job security. YouTube however is the absolute best platform right now for video content creators. When it all boils down to it, if you make good content, its a wonderful environment where you can flourish. There is also the fact that you don’t really have a boss on YouTube. YOU are your boss here. You can also put out videos anytime you want, which means that its an excellent fall back position, in case more lucrative income streams suddenly dry up.


User Testing

4. User Testing
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Here’s a way to make money without any kind of contract or time requirements! Simply take tests, evaluating various forms of online content for cold hard cash. Work when you want, or don’t. That’s the beauty of it. Tests are not always available, however you can always just have the website up in the background until one is. Once a test is available, you’ll hear a chime. Tests take about thirty minutes and pay ten bucks a piece. On a good week you can make about fifty bucks, however the average is about $20-$30 a week.



5. TryMyUI

This is a website a lot like the previously mentioned User Testing. You do tasks and evaluate online content in exchange for a cool ten bucks each test. Tests again take about thirty minutes a piece. I’ve personally found that tests come around less frequently here, however I always like to have them open in a background tab while I do other work. That way I’m always ready for a test when they come up.



6. UserCrowd
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This website gives you periodical, minute long surveys, in exchange for a few cents a piece. Sure, that’s not a lot of money, but it does ad up over time. If your going to be online anyways, it just makes a lot of sense (excuse the pun) to utilize them. Just have them up in your background tab and a chime will notify you when a new test is available. Its all very simple and user friendly.


Inbox Dollars

7. InboxDollars
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If surveys are more your thing, than InboxDollars most definitely is the right website for you. They have all sorts of other cool stuff too, like paid emails, videos, search and promotional offers. You can even get paid for using coupons. There’s something here for just about everyone. Perfect for those long days when your bored and looking to make a few extra bucks. I make about thirty bucks a month here, however you can make even more if your determined.



8. Mypoints
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This is another program like InboxDollars. Again, you have paid emails, paid surveys, coupons, games and so on. You can even get rewarded to shop at your favorite stores (Just about anywhere you can think of! Seriously!). Think of MyPoints as a second helping of surveys and paid emails. If you couldn’t get enough of InboxDollars, than MyPoints should be the perfect program for you.



9. Amazon Mechanical Turk
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This is a valuable site for those days when you just need ten dollars and you need it quickly. Work here though is quite tedious and low paying. For this reason, I see Amazon Mechanical Turk solely as a fall back position for when you just need a quick couple of dollars. You’ll get the money, but you won’t like how long it takes for you to get it. In my humble opinion, you shouldn’t consider Mechanical Turk “full time employment” because of its low pay. Still, its available if your willing to take advantage of it.



10 Microsoft Rewards
CLICK HERE to Join Microsoft Rewards

This isn’t necessarily a work site, however it will generate some passive side income for anyone who lives and works online. Simply search using Bing and earn Gift Cards from places like: Amazon, Xbox, Starbucks, Burger King, AMC, Walmart, Target & More! You can also earn extra points by playing daily bonus games. This program is about as easy and low maintenance as you could ask for. The easiest $5 a month you will ever make.

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